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What does the PSTN switch off mean for your business?

Written by SysGroup Marketing

BT Openreach are withdrawing their Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) facilities. These services have been utilised to carry voice and data for business through copper cables.

However, these copper cables are becoming increasingly obsolete. The world is going digital, and communications will be no different. All voice and data connectivity will become IP-based, so there's no requirement to keep aging networks running.

Openreach began their copper-retirement process in December 2020, with another 166 BT Exchanges closed by the end of last year. The entire UK network will be switched off by 2025.

Why is this happening?

There is no longer a demand for the old copper circuits. Most businesses are already transitioning to leased-lines and fibre-based broadband that offers much greater speed and bandwidth. Many are also taking up digital voice services, hosted in the cloud, to provide wider scope for scalability and flexibility.

Similarly, businesses across the UK were already adopting more cloud-based services pre-pandemic, however COVID-19 forced operations to become disparate and remote, accelerating the use of video conferencing and other collaborative tools.

This in turn boosted the business demand for better bandwidth. The growth in using online services is continuing to rise, meaning stronger IT security is needed to protect endpoints and networks across various locations. These additional measures add to the increasing bandwidth requirement.

What should I do?

If you're still using a traditional PSTN line for your connectivity, you'll need to start investing in a faster connection. Talk to a trusted managed services provider (MSP) such as SysGroup to find the alternative digital connection that works for your business.

We work with national partners to deliver speed, agility and low-latency connections through leased-lines, leveraged by the geographic diversity of our own dedicated network. As partners of the Faster Britain initiative, we're making full-fibre connections available at the most competitive prices.

SysGroup offers plenty of choice in the type of connection your business can use, it all depends on how much bandwidth you need within your budget.

Our flexible internet for SMEs offers cost-effective full-fibre broadband of up to 1Gbps. All leased lines are fully managed with 99.9% availability, 24/7/365. Industry-leading installation means you'll be up and running in as little as 15 days.


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