Nick Fisk and ‘Mastering Ceph’

Written by SysGroup Marketing

We are delighted to announce that Nick Fisk, a leading member of our Cloud Hosting and Consulting team, has just published his first book, entitled “Mastering Ceph”.

As an active contributor to the Global Red Hat Ceph Community Forum, Nick has been working with the Ceph technology since 2012 and has just returned from the annual Red Hat Partner conference in Frankfurt.

Nick was approached by Packt Publishing to write the book, as they wanted to produce a new publication that covered a more intermediate and advanced technical knowledge of Ceph, that would outline how the technology can be utilised in a production environment.

In summary, the book covers all that you need to know to use Ceph effectively. It starts with key principles, design goals and the essential Ceph planning steps that will ensure a successful deployment. Nick highlighted the importance of Chapter One, as he said it covers answers to questions that have been raised by the Ceph Community on at least a weekly basis.

It explains how to set up and deploy the Ceph cluster, using orchestration tools. Key topics such as Bluestore, Erasure coding for better storage efficiency and cache tiering are all covered, along with development of applications which use Librados and Distributed computations with shared object classes.

A tuning Ceph section covers the process of optimising both Ceph and its supporting infrastructure. Nick explains how you can troubleshoot issues and handle various scenarios where Ceph is likely not to recover on its own. Finally, the book ends with a Disaster Recovery section and explains how you can successfully deploy and operate a highly resilient and performant Ceph cluster.

Nick’s knowledge and understanding of the Ceph platform has been enhanced by his active management of SysGroup’s cloud hosting platform, which uses Ceph to provide scalable and resilient cloud storage services (including IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS) to contracted customers.

You can buy a copy of Mastering Ceph directly from Amazon or Packt Publishing.


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