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Myth Busting the Public Cloud

Written by SysGroup Marketing

The world is moving towards a cloud shaped future and for many businesses that is already a reality with 90% of companies on the cloud in some form.

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud is a big decision to make. You don’t want to make the mistake of a couple of wrong clicks, losing all your data in the process. You want the quickest and easiest option for your business. With these objectives in mind, public cloud is certainly marketed as a simple solution to your changing needs…or is it?  An organisation’s IT infrastructure is unique, therefore it needs a unique solution. How certain are we that a generic public cloud structure can conform and adapt to the complexity of your day to day business needs? We take a look at myths around public cloud to help you make the right decision.

Public cloud is simple to set up and use

This is a big one. One of the biggest attractions of public cloud is how easy and accessible it is. Creating a public cloud infrastructure for your company is simple enough, anyone with a credit card can log on and purchase their own platform for what appears as a very small price. So why are so many mid-market organisations investing in a private or hybrid cloud solution?

Making the move to the cloud and working through all its options can seem daunting, and because of this businesses turn to public cloud and the simplicity it seemingly offers. The truth is with public cloud while the initial set up is easy, you have clicked a few buttons, entered your card details and purchased that platform - but what next? The platform needs to be managed and maintained, scaled up or down and reconfigured - something you may come to realise is a full time job! Most mid-market businesses do not have the resources or expertise in house to take care of this and suddenly the simplicity of creating your cloud infrastructure is a distant memory. This is the reason mid-market companies are turning to hybrid or private clouds to host their data. With SysCloud, not only will our cloud experts take the reins in terms of management, monitoring and deployment, they have the resources and the knowledge to build a bespoke cloud system from scratch completely tailored to what your organisation needs – now and in the future.

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Cost effectiveness

When looking at an initial set up of a public cloud service compared to a private cloud solution, it seems to be clear which is cheapest. But what is the true cost of cloud? It is often this that seals the deal for companies deciding where to move their data. The truth is that yes, the upfront cost of a public cloud is cheaper but where does it stand in terms of growth and scalability? For small businesses or a one man band operation, a small cheap platform on a public cloud may suffice and suit business needs well. However, mid-market organisations that need an enterprise strength and flexible solution the ability to scale up and down is vital, but the fluctuating costs are not. Private clouds set out a fixed fee that allows for this scalability and growth that can vary throughout the year.


Full control of your data

While this may not be a myth as such, it allows us to question if this is actually a benefit that will indeed, ‘benefit’. Having the full control of your data that public cloud offers can seem enticing and a huge pro towards going public. However, many businesses infrastructures are rarely linear. There are seasonal changes and the ability to harness fluidity to keep up with an evolving market. It is not as simple as a one size fits all and to maintain such an environment calls for expertise and time that many mid-market organisations do not have. You may come to realise that having full control is not what your business needs as you spend your valued hours researching, purchasing, and optimising your public cloud network instead of focusing on the job in hand. The ability to allocate that control to a third party by choosing a hybrid or private cloud may actually be in the best interest of your company. Not only that, by integrating a private cloud for your company, sensitive assets are more secure and are not stored on a shared platform, likely outside the UK.


Public cloud is fully compliant

When using public cloud, likely your data will leave be stored outside the UK unless you have made special provision. As long as it is safe and available to you, it may not seem like an important factor deciding what kind of cloud to use. The problem is that businesses that run in the UK have to abide by UK sovereignty laws, and when your data is stored overseas in a public cloud, you are at risk of breaching this requirement when it is part of your organisation’s compliance regime. With public clouds your data will almost certainly leave the UK and risks not complying with GDPR standards.

Using a private cloud gives you the peace of mind of knowing where your data is at all times. SysCloud operates through data centres within the UK, giving you the reassurance that your data stays and abides by UK law and sovereignty.



We all expect our IT to run smoothly, and for the most part doubtless it does. However when we are faced with a problem that threatens us with dreaded downtime, where do we turn?

While a public cloud may have the correct staff with the knowledge to fix your issue, you may struggle to get them on the phone to help. A public cloud has countless other customers using their platforms and you will not have the benefit of a dedicated account team.

By choosing SysCloud you can stay one step ahead as we provide platform monitoring and management allowing your business to run smoothly with no disruptions.

At SysGroup we pride ourselves on our ability to act rapidly, our relationships with our customers are a driving force behind what we do. Our engineers will not just be voice on the end of the line as you will be met with someone familiar who already has previous knowledge of you, your operation and how its run.

Our value proposition at SysGroup is the combination of our technologies and our people to provide the benefits of IT and customer service to the mid-market, bringing you the best of the cloud – without the myths.



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