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Managing IT Security for Your Distributed Enterprise

Written by SysGroup Marketing

The pandemic has changed the workplace forever. Cloud migration has taken over, driven by employee demand for a flexible working environment. As a result, the majority of organisations are now working from disparate locations, and ensuring a well-rounded cybersecurity solution is becoming more challenging than ever.

So, how can you make sure your IT security provision protects against threats of the future, not the past?

Challenges of the Distributed Enterprise

Since the rise of COVID-19, businesses have shifted to some form of distributed enterprise. This is typically a flexible, hybrid or remote working environment that primarily operates from a central office. It's here IT staff are usually local, leaving remote sites with minimal or no IT expertise onsite.

Managing these organisations can present a number of unique challenges but two of the most common are deploying and managing security solutions to remote sites.

Setting up security solutions where there are little to no IT staff can put a strain on your existing in-house IT team. It can be challenging to manage security solutions across your vast network, but how do you gain the visibility you need across each location?

Securing the Distributed Enterprise

Without the right infrastructure, setting up remote working environments can seem an impossible task. It either requires sending already limited IT staff to each of your business' sites, or using solutions that can be configured before they're shipped.

Cloud-based deployment makes the second option possible, ensuring that each remote site is set up correctly. This also enables you to update security policies and settings as needed without leaving the office, avoiding potential downtime.

SysGroup offers Cloud-based deployment for all IT security appliances. You can ensure your distributed enterprise is protected across all locations, maintaining easy management and deployment from one single interface.

  • Firewall appliances can be pre-configured before they're shipped to their required location using cutting-edge technology to decrypt incoming traffic at application level, rather than network-wide
  • Secure Wi-Fi solutions allows you to set security policies to each wireless access point. As soon as the access point is connected to the internet, configurations will be downloaded as programmed
  • Next-generation multi-factor authentication that consists of a three-pronged approach, asking users to prove who they are via something they know on something they have, all without expensive hardware to deploy on-premise

Visibility Across Your Organisation

Monitoring and managing security tools across remote locations can cause complexity in your IT infrastructure. At SysGroup, we make the complex simple.

Our centralised IT security management offers visibility across each remote location, providing you with clarity on the overall security posture of your business.

All of our IT security solutions are powered by the Cloud. Its powerful visibility interface provides an overview of your entire unified security platform, giving your business and its team a 'single-pane-of-glass' for end-to-end management of your IT security stack.

Managed through dashboards, you can drill down into the details of each security appliance for more granular management. If you're looking to remain afloat of threats, trends, traffic patterns, and top users and applications, you'll have access to comprehensive reports with the ability to schedule reports to email directly to key stakeholders.

Compliance-specific reports are also available, and you can mask personally identifiable information through a user randomisation feature. As a result, employees will have more time to focus on the tasks that matter, rather than wasting time setting up multiple authentications, logging in with different credentials and manually scanning through security logs.

If you're ready to level-up your IT security provision, get in touch with our security experts for a free security review and identify any gaps in your current infrastructure, before they become a threat.


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