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How Managed Services Drive Customer Satisfaction

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Shopping Mall Growth of Consumer Power B2C

A major business shift in retail is beginning to affect organisations in all sectors. You may know it as the B2C transformation: the rise of individual consumers' power in relation to corporate entities. In an era of brand stories and start-ups, the spending power and influence of consumers is at a new high.

In 2019, we will see many sectors adapt to provide a B2C model of services, including healthcare, education and government.

Much like in the retail environment, individual consumers are hoping for a streamlined, seamless and transparent user experience when they interact with medical professionals, local government and universities.

We believe that managed IT services are an excellent way to enhance customer satisfaction for your business through technology.

Here's Why:

Individuals have become savvier about researching before purchasing a product or investing in a service, and their discerning choices are driving this revolution. The customer is beginning to expect personalised and automated service like they receive from their favourite retailers, and the businesses that fail to integrate this into their model will fall behind the rest of the pack. 

Managed IT Services can offer significant benefits to help your business improve customer satisfaction. 

  • The cloud is an ideal hosting environment for end-user apps and portals. Allow your customers to check on the status of their account, schedule appointments, submit queries and more.
  • Virtualisation technologies allow your employees or customers to access services remotely with perfect synchronisation, for up-to-date information from anywhere.
  • Managed IT support takes the burden of security and software updates off your shoulders. Advanced network monitoring minimises downtime and ensures a seamless end-user experience for your customers.
Here are 3 sectors where Managed IT Services could drive 'Customer-Focused Transformation' in 2019


Personalisation and automation could vastly improve public sector services in 2019, allowing individuals to request information on planning permissions or waste collection and communicate with council representatives in a more timely and efficient manner.


Online parent portals are used by schools and colleges, but there’s room for improvement in communicating with parents about their child’s progress and well-being. Teachers may be able to track progress on homework, accessing data about how long it takes students to complete & improve the quality of their feedback to parents or teaching methods based on that data.

Additionally, traditional models of receiving education are shifting to fit students who are mobile and global. Virtual desktop infrastructures are making higher education, distance and online learning to explode in popularity.



Chatbot technology could change the delivery of healthcare. 1 in 20 Google searches are for health-related info and 72% of internet users look online for health information. Healthcare providers will search for innovative ways to provide info for patients and empower decision-making, like providing a chatbot to help with queries about minor symptoms or schedule appointments.



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