We join the Liverpool Girl Geeks on their mission of promoting diversity within the tech industry!

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Liverpool Girl Geeks

Diversity noun A range of different things or people.

Seems obvious, right?

In theory, yes. But when you look harder at the workplace, sadly diverse might not always be what comes to mind. We’ve tried as a company from the outset to have a diverse workplace – our employees come from a huge range of different backgrounds, lifestyles, ethnicities – to name a few!

Different industries and job roles do have disparities with the types of people working in them and as a tech company, we’ve noticed that there is a gender gap in the industry and so when I heard about Liverpool Girl Geeks (LGG) and their national Women in Tech meetups – I just had to get SysGroup involved.

Now, SysGroup is balancing out the workforce gradually; we hire based on talent and merit AND our senior management is 50/50 male to female AND we come from all over the world – Trinidad and Tobago, America, Cyprus, Pakistan, Turkey (just to name a few!). But, nobody is perfect and there’s always room for improvement in the rest of the company. Anyway, LGG have a mission to close the gender gap in the UK by celebrating and showcasing role models through events, courses and workshops. Their journey began in 2013 and they have been growing ever since!

Part of SysGroup’s mission is to support and educate our staff and also the next generation of techies, marketers, finance controllers, salespeople and all who fall in between. LGG complements this with their training and mentoring programmes and their ‘InnovateHer’ campaign for women in tech wanting to learn more. Teaching the next generation is so important for innovation and progression and we are really excited to be especially involved with this aspect!

Diversity in the workplace is important. Varying points of view, different ideas and balance is vital to achieving success – and I can’t imagine a place where the employees are so similar. Difference brings vibrancy and wider perceptions. LGG filters in to this notion – yes, the tech industry is male orientated and yes it’s great to achieve more balance, but the overriding point is that diversity brings so many benefits and we are excited to be a part of the support and education and collaborate with LGG.

In fact, we are collaborating with LGG at their October meetup, which is focused on cyber security where our Chief Financial Officer, Martin Audcent, is sitting on the panel to share his wisdom.

 Our CEO, Adam Binks is fully supportive of the initiative, saying:

“I’m thrilled that SysGroup is constantly evolving and becoming an even more inclusive place to be. We have a passionate team and business is growing – we will do everything we can to support our employees and ensure they are happy, included and successful.”

Chelsea Slater, the Co-founder of Liverpool Girl Geeks said,

"We're delighted that SysGroup have become a member. After meeting Amy and the team, we immediately knew they were a great fit. Their passion for diversity within the tech sector shines. These are the types of companies we want to work with and showcase to our network."
For more information about Liverpool Girl Geeks and to stay tuned on upcoming events, keep an eye on our Twitter,Facebook or LinkedIn!


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