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Written by SysGroup Marketing
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Understanding your options in an ever-changing technology landscape is more challenging than ever. With the threat of cyber attacks on the rise and data compliance in the spotlight, a trusted partner can help you create a strategy to carry you into the future. If you’re weighing the costs and benefits of IT consultancy, here are some common struggles we hear from clients, and how consultancy can help.

“My in-house team is stretched too thin. We use all our time for maintenance, never mind innovation!”

IT Consultancy can relieve so much built-up pressure that is holding your team back from success. Cloud hosting, effective backup or DR strategies and innovative security become more and more complex as options abound. As a SME, you may have benefitted from the knowledge and experience of a few dependable IT staff in past years, but the demands on their time can prevent your organisation from moving forward through innovative new cloud technologies.

IT Consultancy gives you access to the expertise and experience you need to thrive. At SysGroup, we already have connections to industry-leading software and hardware, and we can offer suggestions to you based on your unique needs. Our team of expert engineers become an extension of your team, always available to continue offering the level of support you need to expand, try new ideas and take on exciting projects.

“We constantly worry that our IT systems are not meeting legal requirements.”

GDPR laws and tightening compliance in every industry means that every organisation could benefit from the extra assistance to comb through their system and expose any weaknesses.

IT Consultancy connects you to a trusted partner, where accreditations and industry-leading security knowledge are incredibly important. We can offer you outstanding security credentials, including platinum partner status with WatchGuard. We work with organisations in finance, legal, retail, insurance sectors and beyond, so you can have peace of mind that your bespoke IT solution is fully compliant.

Legal Requirements Consultancy

“We’re not sure how IT fits into our 5-year business plan. Does it really make a difference?”

IT is no longer an isolated function of the business, or a necessary evil. It’s integral to strategic planning and has the power to catalyse significant growth. Perhaps as part of the C-level team, you need straightforward answers and clear examples of how investment into managed hosting or DRaaS will actually affect your bottom line.

Our unique TechWorkshop methodology is designed to take you from initial planning through to final implementation, or to simply provide a sounding board and agnostic advice as you create an IT infrastructure strategy. We help you evaluate your current IT system and propose solutions to maximise your investments into IT solutions that will transform your business. All of our advice is based on experience and honest, informed opinions. At SysGroup, we’re focused on solving your problems, not just selling you products.

If you’re ready to discover how IT Consultancy can transform your organisation, or to inquire about a TechWorkshop, you can contact us here


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