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What if you could identify data breaches before they've even happened?

Written by SysGroup Marketing

As we approach the new financial year, many businesses will be reflecting on their 2021 spend and upcoming budget plans for 2022.

Unfortunately, last year cost UK businesses £3.2bn, the highest average cost in 17 years. This comes as no surprise when Risk-Based Security reported that 231 data breaches were recorded in February alone.

You can avoid these losses with a solid IT security stack, however, IT still remains the most underfunded department across most organisations.

It's often too late for businesses to resolve the damage incurred from cybercrime, but what would you do if you knew your credentials had been stolen?

The Dark Web Scanner

If you or your business have been a victim of cybercrime, the hackers responsible may choose to use your stolen data themselves, however, many find it more lucrative to sell it on the dark web.

Billions of stolen usernames, passwords and personal data are available for sale and consumption across the dark web as a result. Once it's been leaked, there's no way of retrieving your information from the dark web's outlets. The key is to prevent the data breach from ever happening, removing the possibility of cybercriminals successfully authenticating with your stolen credentials.

With the Dark Web Scanner, any credentials currently being used in relation to your business can be checked against the dark web and surface web hacking forums.

In doing so, you'll be able to present your IT teams with a detailed report that outlines all of the breaches your domain users have been exposed to, as well as identifying the IT security needed to protect their identities in the future.

Mitigate Breaches with Better IT Security

Multi-Factor Authentication

As a large portion of data breaches involve stolen credentials, cybercriminals can be stopped in their tracks with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). With MFA, your business' network remains secure as they won't be granted access, even with login credentials.

Similarly, with an increasing number of employees taking up flexible working as a more permanent working environment, gaps in your network are widened. However, with the use of MFA, your organisation will be much more protected than through any other network defence controls.

It's also a common misconception that MFA is out of reach for the majority of SMEs due to complex integrations an on-premise management. SysGroup is proud to offer MFA as a cloud service, so there's no expensive hardware to deploy and it can be engaged with from any location.


It's obvious that data is becoming an ever-greater prize. Firewalls help to safeguard your network by acting as an intermediary between your business' internal network and external incoming traffic. It then monitors any unauthorised attempts at accessing your operating system, blocking unwanted sources.

However, current DPI (deep packet inspection) can be easily overwhelmed by heavy loads of website traffic, and only inspects packet-level content.

SysGroup utilises next-generation proxy technology that protects against threats of the future, not the past. Working with Fireware technology, SysGroup decrypts and reassembles incoming traffic to scan packet data at application level to block threats from your system more effectively.

Security Awareness Training

Your business is only as secure as your weakest link. This tends to be your employees.

There are an increasing number of ways cybercriminals can bypass even the best of security measures. Whether it's targeting staff who are busy or distracted, or using sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks, lack of security awareness can make the most stringent automated IT security vulnerable.

With the majority of employees now working disparately, it's more important than ever to ensure your remote workforce keep your business network safe. As a result, security awareness training can be delivered in-house or via an online e-course to help all employees think before they click.

Unified Security

The power of strong IT security applications can become redundant if other IT security practices are abandoned. There are typically four pillars that underpin a strong IT security posture: MFA, firewall, secure Wi-Fi and endpoint protection.

Deploying these pillars appropriately addresses a number of potential vulnerabilities and identifies breaches before they infiltrate your organisation.

The chances are, your business devices include a range of laptops and other mobile devices that are in use from a host of locations. All of these need protection from various known threats as a cybercriminal gaining access to even one of these endpoints can cause significant disruption and downtime for your operations.

SysGroup are the pioneers of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to manage. With industry-leading network and endpoint security, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication, SysGroup enables your business to protect their most important assets.


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