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Technology in 2019: 10 Trends to Watch & Strategic Recommendations

Written by SysGroup Marketing
10 Technology Trends 2019 Robot

How will your organisation make decisions about IT investments in 2019?

Emerging technology trends should affect your business strategy and spending, but to what degree? And which trends will really affect your sector and unique business model? Creating business goals for a new year without investigating developing trends would be like setting off on an ambitious walk without consulting a map or checking the weather forecast.

This decision can be incredibly difficult, especially around this time of year when the trend lists have been circulated, full of jargon and overly-ambitious forecasting. That's why we've spent time investigating the latest technology trends that will develop in 2019. We put them into a comprehensive eBook, which will help you to understand the significance of each of these developing trends for your industry.

Inside, you'll find information about:

  • Intelligent chatbots, including 3 ways they will transform retail and customer service;
  • the B2C transformation of service models in healthcare, government and education;
  • the growth of edge computing, and 4 benefits it could bring to your organisation;
  • world-wide cyber-threats and the newest technologies to protect your business.

After reading our 2019 technology trends eBook, you'll be informed about these developing trends and able to share those insights with key decision-makers in your organisation as you navigate your IT strategy in this new year.


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