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Game of Thrones – The Security the 7 Kingdoms Need

Written by SysGroup Marketing

First things first, if you haven’t watched any of the latest season stop reading now. The web is dark and full of spoilers. However, if you’re up to date… this final season is EPIC. Though I’m in sheer disbelief that this is it. Winter is no longer coming and we are onto the final episodes. I wanted to lay a piece of GoT on our blog by linking up a series that has gripped so many, with a topic that has gripped so many: Cyber Security.

So, The Long Night featured a few epic scenes that show the Night King is really just a master-hacker. Here’s how you can develop your cyber security strategy Game of Thrones style…


If I saw a White Walker I think I’d run so fast in fright that even a flying dragon couldn’t keep up. Never mind leap at the Night King like Arya did. No thank you. However, the Night King used the old tactic of DDoS to attack Winterfell. He absolutely flooded the place with Wights and it stopped the living in their puny little tracks.

DDoS uses the same tactics by flooding systems with so much traffic they can’t scale or cope and it results in an almighty crash.

The living had a firewall in place that worked for a small while, but eventually was overcome by the White Walkers and Wights. Make sure your firewall is up to date and is at the level you need for the size of your business. Because once they are in, it’s much harder to get them out…


Bran revealed that as he had the mark of the Night King on his arm, his location could be tracked by the master-hacker himself. This sort of spying is not okay and is super illegal. Making another tactic used by the Night King being Spyware. This type of malware sits in your systems and can log keystrokes which can then provide access to online banking, passwords and other personal information you don’t want anyone else to know.

As Spyware sits quietly on systems, it can be hard to know it’s there so prevention (as always) is better than a cure. A layered defence strategy makes it a lot harder for Spyware to infiltrate the systems or infrastructure. This strategy involves combining multiple security controls to protect your resources and data, with the aim of catching the malware in one of the layers. Perhaps if Bran had worn more layers himself, he’d have not got that mark.


I know I wasn’t the only one shouting BURN THE BODIES when everything went quiet for a few minutes. Does Jon Snow have a sieve for a memory?! How was this not a key tactic to stop the Night King? It’s not like they had two GROWN dragons to help them out. Anyway, I’m likening the dead (both the dead Wights and people) to Rootkit. Lying there quietly until the Night King raises his arms and revives them all, but into his army. Rootkit sits very quietly and is extremely hard to detect before it then leaps into action and wipes out your system.

This is a key reason why a good back up and disaster recovery strategy is VITAL. You can be up and running in a short amount of time after an attack or disaster, costing you much less than starting over and therefore ensuring business continuity. The living didn’t have one and they paid the price for it. Don’t let your company suffer the same (but different) fate.


The White Walkers and their minion Wights run around being their murderous little selves and then the Night King flexes his rotten biceps and boom! More Wights. It’s a pretty tight strategy to be fair and if you’ve got that skill and an unhealthy hunger for power then you’d use it. Akin to worm malware that replicates itself and destroys data and files in your company’s network.

Again, a firewall is one of your best ways forward. They’re so high-tech nowadays that they are excellent at blocking various types of malware – especially WatchGuard’s fireboxes. Also, worms originate frequently in email attachments so engaging with an email security provider also helps to prevent them worming their way into your systems.

I could go on. All I’m saying is that Cersei is going to be a far more complicated opponent – she’s way more complex and is a type of malware that has rapidly evolved to avoid current defences. Jon and Daenerys would be wise to carry out a TechWorkshop to see what areas they could improve on before battling her. Well that’s my insight anyway. I’m off to read up on some more theories and watch some outtakes before the next episode.


*Picture courtesy of HBO


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