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Finding the Right Cyber-Security Partner

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Finding the Right Cyber-Security Partner Puzzle

Cyber-security is all about trust.

  • Your customers trust that you'll store and process their data safely.
  • You trust your passwords and security software to block harmful malware, viruses or intruders.
  • You trust your employees to follow security protocols and secure their devices.

What happens when that trust breaks down? 

In one survey, 87% of consumers said they would not do business with a company that had faced a data breach. 

Finding a trusted cyber-security partner is one of the best ways to allocate your IT security budget. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose? What should your top priorities be?

Here are our top tips for how to find the right cyber-security partner:

  • Keep compliance in mind 

Each industry has its own standards and regulations surrounding data protection, from PCI-DSS compliance for payment processing to ISO 27001 - an information security standard. Additionally, all organisations working with EU citizens' data must comply with GDPR. Make sure that your cyber-security partner can provide or exceed the standards that your business need. 

  • Evaluate their partners

If the cyber-security partner provides products from third parties, investigate who those partners are. Look for qualifications and endorsements from major cyber-security companies like WatchGuard, Mimecast, Dell, Microsoft and VMware. SysGroup is proud to be one of two WatchGuard Platinum partners in the UK, a Veeam Gold partner and able to provide Microsoft Gold Datacentre and Silver Hosting-qualified cloud hosting services.

Discover more about our industry-leading partnerships here.

  • Focus on fit 

A good fit in your partnership cannot be overlooked! Make sure their process includes plenty of time to evaluate your current IT security strategy and suggest thoughtful and valuable additions or changes. If the process is moving too quickly and you're feeling pressured into hasty decisions, that is a definite red flag. Are they pushing a single brand of products or ignoring your strategic goals? Find a partner with a well-developed process.

  • Expect clear communication 

Documentation and relationships are incredibly important. Your cyber-security plan directly affects your reputation and business success, so this is no area to overlook. Are technicians and account managers available in a timely manner? Is pricing clear and provided upfront? Expect a thoroughly-documented project outline and a responsive team from your cyber-security partner.

  • Find outstanding facilities 

If you are looking for a security-focused cloud hosting option, then a state-of-the-art network of data centres is non-negotiable. Learn about the configuration of their network, their failover plans and typical SLAs. Ask questions about past incidents and the qualifications of their infrastructure technicians.

Learn more about the SysGroup network of data centres. 

  • Look for innovation 

Look for a cyber-security partner who is growing and flexible. New threats in malware and sophisticated social engineering are developing every day, and cyber-criminals are always looking for new targets. An excellent cyber-security partner is adding new services based on evolving threats and educating you about updates and new products that will protect your business even better.

Cyber-security can be a major source of anxiety if you need to develop your own strategy on a budget. When you enlist the help of a cyber-security partner, you gain access to invaluable resources and expertise. Stay ahead of competition and protect your valuable data and infrastructure. 


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