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Don’t Stop Growing—Optimise Your Cloud Journey

Written by SysGroup Marketing
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What do we mean by 'optimisation'?

Organisations frequently forget that migrating to the cloud is an on-going cycle, rather than a one-time exercise. Optimisation is a key word used to describe the process of continuous improvements.

Here are 4 signs that you need to optimise your IT environment:

  • A lack of control & visibility for your important data and systems
  • Relying on individuals to make the most of limited, existing structures
  • A nagging sense of waste in your cloud usage
  • Limited use of automation or the unique features of your cloud platforms

“One of the things we repeatedly hear from customers is that decision-making is so complicated, it can virtually paralyse an organisation,” says Matt Spragg, our Head of Consulting Services.

Finding a managed services provider to be a partner during the process is only the beginning. They should work with you through an in-depth process of analysis and help you set goals for your migration or provisioning of new software or services.

Are you still in this process, or just beginning? Consider our TechWorkshop to help you plan your journey to the cloud.


But what happens after you've migrated?

Inside your corporate IT estate, you may already have a mix of legacy, virtualised or cloud-based solutions, but are looking to move towards a more elastic and efficient model. Perhaps you recognised yourself in some of the signs of chaos, and need to continue optimising to maximise your investments. Small and medium sized businesses should prioritise optimisation just as much as large ones. Every penny spent must be used effectively.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have you achieved the goals set during your planning and design phase?
  • How are your KPIs stacking up?
  • Are you on track to achieve your expected long-term ROI?

Our key tips for on-going optimisation:

  • Continue your testing and development
  • Look for storage volumes not in use, and aim to use 100% of your provisioned resources
  • Shutdown workloads during certain hours, or automate the shutdown of temporary workloads
  • Automate your infrastructure as much as possible
  • Take advantage of unique characteristics of your cloud platforms—work smarter!
  • Help your whole team to have a holistic view of how your cloud infrastructure enhances everything your organisation does

The importance of a trusted MSP cannot be overstated. At SysGroup, we understand that optimisation is part of the larger cycle of cloud migration. Our consultants have years of experience and expertise you can rely on—always delivered through clear & cloud agnostic suggestions. If you’re ready to prioritise your optimisation, read more about transforming your IT environment today, or contact us here.


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