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Written by SysGroup Marketing

If you’re building a managed IT solution for your business or organisation, you’ll need to decide which type of cloud storage to use. You can mix and match the three main types (public, private & hybrid) to create a system as unique as your business, but first you’ll need to understand the capabilities and limitations of each one.

Types of Cloud Storage

            The public cloud
  • offers you powerful solutions over the internet, including familiar ones like AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • is excellent for non-sensitive data & collaboration
  • allows the cloud provider to absorb the larger costs of maintaining hardware and updating software
            The private cloud
  • is personalised, and has unique virtual layers of security which will store your data in a protective bubble
  • allows you to collaborate with your service provider on proprietary architecture to meet your needs
  • can be configured to meet the strictest data protection regulations
            The hybrid cloud
  • combines the best of public & private with on and off-site servers
  • allows you to decide where your data is best stored
  • is customisable, i.e.: you could choose a public cloud as a backup or DR option, while keeping proprietary data on a private cloud in-house
As you search for the best cloud service provider, here are three key things to look for:

 1. Creative solutions

If a provider only offers you simple data migration or replication, you might be missing out on some of the powerful features of hybrid or private clouds. A creative hybrid cloud can allow you to test new applications in beta, revise your disaster recovery plans, and more. Look for a service provider with plenty of vendor partnerships to bring you the most innovative solutions.

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2.  Top-Notch Security

If you are moving proprietary information or sensitive customer data to public, private, or hybrid clouds, make security your top priority. Of course, this is essential for businesses in the legal, medical and financial sectors, but is just as important for meeting PCI-DSS compliance and promising your customers the highest security standards. Look for a service provider with thorough knowledge of data protection regulations and the skills to help your sensitive information stay safe in the cloud.


 3. Transparent Pricing

Surveys about the state of cloud adoption show that most businesses are concerned about cutting costs and keeping their IT budget in check. Thankfully choosing any type of cloud-based storage means you’re saving on costly hardware and maintenance. However, you should never have to pay for storage you don’t use. Look for a service provider who will offer clear prices and include things like support with no extra fees—especially if your IT budget is restricted.

It’s incredibly important to find a cloud service provider who has the experience and expertise to blend the cloud storage types to fit your goals and needs.

At SysGroup, we’re an agnostic IT provider, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you have the most powerful solutions at your fingertips. We offer creative solutions, advanced security features, and transparent pricing.

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