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Digital Transformation in 2021

Written by SysGroup Marketing

To adapt and succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape, businesses should always have digital transformation on the agenda.

They must incorporate new technologies to improve and evolve their infrastructure, which protects data, improves ease of use across multiple platforms and provides a satisfactory customer experience.

It has never been more important for businesses to ensure their IT is up to standard and capable to cope with whatever the future brings. To safeguard your transformation, SysGroup can help develop unique solutions tailored to suit your business needs.

Of course, the scope and scale of digital transformation will vary throughout a company’s landscape, bringing different types of change to each business.

We’ll explore a few significant aspects of digital transformation here.

Customer Engagement is always crucial and at the forefront of a business strategy. In a fast moving and rapidly evolving world, can your business provide the service and customer interface that users have come to expect? Assessing how your IT infrastructure aids a positive customer experience is key to keeping pace in the current climate, highlighting your business intelligence.

One of the biggest transformations that has taken place this year is the mobilisation of the workforce. With the recent events surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, almost all businesses were forced to implement digital transformation in some way – whether they were ready for it or not.  It also served as a reminder that we should always be prepared for what the future might bring and of the importance of being able to adapt quickly to circumstances that threaten our business.

With this in mind, the ability to work at home or remotely has never been more important or essential.

When the lockdown was announced, businesses scrambled to set up home offices, ensuring staff had the essential equipment to continue their roles. Now that lockdown is lifting, the future of conventional offices has been brought into question, along with a necessary scrutiny of what a company’s infrastructure looks like as a whole. Many companies have realised that their business is wherever their people are and not at a set loction in an office building. Those with the ability to be flexible have found productivity levels have not dropped, and in many cases have actually risen.

A hybrid arrangement, splitting the work week between home and office, seems to be where the future will take us, which means ease of connectivity is vital. We need to be able to connect to our colleagues, clients and our data at any time, and from anywhere. The office footprint will inevitably shrink, with employees splitting their time working from home, office or dedicated meeting points for collaboration.

Migrating to the cloud is the way forward to incorporate various elements of the future demand of flexible working spaces faced by businesses worldwide. Many businesses now require the agility to work anywhere. As a result of this, legacy infrastructure is being left behind. Replacing dated on-premise hardware is essential, as it not only limits where and how you can work, it leaves you vulnerable to cyber-attacks as many legacy networks cannot comply with basic security standards.

Migrating to the cloud can seem like a daunting task; the process needs to be streamlined with no compromises on data or downtime. An MSP is a vital partner in cloud migration - not only the planning and implementation, but also the maintenance of the cloud and the technology surrounding it to ensure you optimise your investment.

As Microsoft Gold partners, SysGroup can offer expert assistance in your transition to the cloud. We can roadmap a solution that best fits your needs, based on an assessment of your infrastructure - with the flexibility of public, private or hybrid clouds.

By choosing us to host your business-critical infrastructure at our strategically placed data centres across the country, your data can be highly available to you wherever you are - whatever your office may look like in future.

If updating your legacy infrastructure to the latest innovations is what your business needs, SysGroup can get you on track. We have a team of highly qualified engineers with years of experience to help guide you along the process and make recommendations based on your specific needs. Our Prince 2 qualified project managers to ensure the process is seamless and assist in the correct positioning of products with as little disruption to your operation as possible.

Supposing that deploying a mobile workforce may not be on your agenda, how your data is protected surely will be. A consistent and reliable back up and disaster recovery solution is paramount. SysGroup are able to routinely monitor your network, whilst replicating data to a cloud network—meaning if your office was compromised and your on-premise equipment failed, your business could continue to function with no impact or loss of data.

Whatever digital transformation looks like to your business, whether it has been discussed here or there are different needs on your agenda, SysGroup have the right people and the right solutions to take you there. 


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