SysGroup Launches Revolutionary New Cyber Security Technology In A Bid To Bring More Good Into The World

Written by SysGroup Marketing

SysGroup, award-winning cloud hosting and managed IT services provider, today announces that it has created a ground-breaking technology, CyberSwitch that turns cyber attacks on its head.

Deemed as “a gift to businesses” and a technology that “changes the way we see malware”, CyberSwitch is a patented technology that once implemented recognises any type of incoming malware or hack attempt and not only blocks it but also switches the negative impact into a positive action.

For example, ransomware, a type of malware designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid, which is growing at 350% per year is transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful mound of money for any one that is hit with it. The patented technology that enables this is highly secret, so prestigious that it is in fact stored in SysGroup’s very own cloud aptly named The Cumulonimbus, the Fort Knox of all clouds and is virtually untraceable and indestructible.

SysGroup architects were inspired by the show ‘The Good Place’ where they watched fellow architects design ‘worlds’ aimed at people who deserved ‘good’ after they had died. They thought by taking something negative (malware) and turning it into a positive, not only would the company still be aware that they were in the firing line of a malware attack, the consequences would automatically switch from being negative and often destroying, to positive and rewarding.

The technology covers all other types of attacks, such as DDoS but the flooded networks will be no more and the ‘evil packets’ used by hackers are magically switched into confectionery packets for employees to share and enjoy. The company is on a mission to not let virus’ ‘get you down’ either, with multi-vitamins popping up left, right and centre when a computer is targeted. These are just three examples of the abilities of CyberSwitch. The version can be upgraded to the ‘Cyber Puppy Pack’ where at random cyber-attacks, an employee is gifted with a puppy. Those who are allergic to animals need not worry, for the hugely anticipated ‘Cyber Snack-Pack’ will feed hungry employees to no end. Well, until cyber criminals give up and stop sending malware to companies.

SysGroup CEO, Adam Binks said,

“Our team have worked tirelessly to produce CyberSwitch. I’m so proud of their abilities and everyone has been promoted to Cyber Wizard status.  We live in a world where cyber threats and attacks are real and on the rise, and SysGroup is on the frontline defending organisations with a mission to turn cyber warfare into good-fare.”

Don’t worry about a glitch, when you’ve got CyberSwitch.


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