Cyber Security

Cyber-Security in 2019: 10 Trends to Watch & Key Recommendations

Written by SysGroup Marketing

We believe that enhancing cyber-security should be a top priority for businesses in every sector.

Why? Because the threats have only increased in each new year, and cyber criminals are developing new tactics every day.

Data breaches, DDoS attacks, ransomware and the newest strains of malware are a consistent threat to your organisation, from the data you store to your intellectual property, capital and reputation. Organisations of all sizes are having a moment of truth with their cyber-security strategy and wondering…are we truly prepared for a cyber-attack?

At SysGroup, we've spent some time investigating the popular lists of cyber-security trends for the new year. We chose our top 10 predictions and created our latest eBook, explaining them in plain English alongside examples of what each trend means for your organisation.

Inside, you'll find information about:

  • Cyber attacks affecting healthcare and manufacturing sectors, as well as public utilities, and 5 questions to assess your cyber-security strategy;
  • The evolution of malware, including 'opportunistic malware' that preys on the weaknesses of your network and malware affecting mobile phones;
  • The rise of social engineering and advanced phishing tactics, and how you can spot them;
  • Key actions you can take in 2019 to be prepared.

After reading our 2019 Cyber-Security Trends eBook not only will you better understand the latest trends in cyber-security, you'll be prepared to incorporate them, prepare for their effects, or educate other decision-makers in your organisation. 


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