Cyber Security

Cloud-Powered Education

Written by SysGroup Marketing
eBook explaining benefits of cloud solutions for IT security in Education

There are two things we frequently hear from educators who are investigating cloud hosting:

  1. Network connectivity on campus is more important than ever, and,
  2. Safeguarding young people and their data is more important than ever.

The pressure is high for teachers and administrators to prepare students for life in the digital world, while also keeping them safe from the darker forces of the internet and building their awareness. It's safe to say that education is an ecosystem that truly puts the power of cloud computing to the test. Spreading internet networks across sprawling university campuses and complying with GDPR to protect students' personal data are key priorities for schools and universities.

In our whitepaper "Making the Grade," we've identified 4 key areas of risk for schools and colleges, and how our IT security solutions and partnership with WatchGuard technologies can equip them for excellent cyber security. 

After reading our whitepaper, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • How to maintain compliance and accreditation through a full security assessment
  • How to secure the scores of tablets and smartphones used in classrooms and connected to your network
  • How to invest in the right cyber security measures on a tight budget
  • How to introduce new STEM technologies to equip your students.


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