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How Can the Cloud Help Your IT Security?

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Strong IT security isn't the goal, it's the challenge. Businesses are having to overcome security obstacles in order to blaze a trail for digital transformation. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), SysGroup consolidates the management and deployment of network security, including, endpoint security & firewalls, multi-factor authentication and secure Wi-Fi through an easy-to-manage Cloud platform.

It's next-generation threat intelligence.

Consolidated Control of Your Security Stack

Through the Cloud, managing and reporting on IT security has never been easier. All multi-factor authentication, endpoint security & firewall appliances and secure Wi-FI can be deployed from a single interface.

If you're deploying these security layers in isolation, you risk a cyber-attack slipping through the cracks. Correlation between IT security services and a strong identity framework delivered from a single platform allows your business to bridge gaps in visibility and shed light on security shadows.

The intuitive interface is brought to you through our Platinum Partnership with WatchGuard Technologies, with a focus on ensuring your IT team spends less time on process and more time on productivity, all whilst maintaining the level of security your business requires.

Similarly, deployment from the Cloud means IT security is up and running without the need to be on-site, significantly reducing downtime when travelling from location to location.

Security policies for each appliance can also be built offline and scheduled for deployment when necessary. You can also create policy templates for easy, repeatable deployment and make changes in bulk.

What Can the Cloud Support?

Intuitive Endpoint Security & Firewalls

Through a Cloud-based management platform, endpoint security is simple to deploy, configure and manage. It provides real-time protection and communication, using the Cloud to share telemetry to ensure all endpoints are aware of any attacks against the network.

Each endpoint works in tandem with firewall, providing visibility into attacks against endpoints, even when they're roaming. As a result, you can stop a risk before it becomes a threat.

All of this is managed from a single interface, reducing infrastructure costs and minimising time spent on reporting and operational tasks.

Powerful Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become even easier to manage in the Cloud. Until now, multi-factor authentication tools have been out of reach for many organisations due to the complex integrations and on-premise management.

With MFA as a Cloud service, there's no expensive hardware to deploy, meaning there is no need for your IT team to waste time installing software, scheduling upgrades or managing patches. All upgrades and maintenance are delivered with minimal impact to ongoing business activities.

Centrally Managed Secure Wi-Fi

Manage all Wi-Fi access points with a comprehensive view of signal strength, bandwidth consumption and distribution. Through captive portals, you can ensure you deliver excellent wireless experiences whilst keeping them secure with WPA3 encryption.

Efficiently deploy, configure and report on Wi-Fi connectivity for every user through deep cross-platform integration across the the unified security suite.

Unified IT Security

For some time, the Cloud has been paving the way for digital transformation. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, as organisations were forced into a new, digital way of working.

Providing remote access to corporate resources in a way that maintains an 'on-site' experience for employees is critical to the continuity of your business. In doing so, ensuring a seamless end-user transition is heavily reliant on consistent and reliable IT security. Deploying and managing security solutions to remote locations where there are little to no IT staff can put a strain on your existing IT infrastructure.

If you're looking to alleviate this pressure, speak to one of our consultants today for a free security posture review to see how we can better manage your IT security stack.


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