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How Cloud Computing Can Help Connectivity

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Is Ghost or Spirit interfering with your Wi-Fi connection?

Have you ever pounded your desk in frustration, as your computer disconnects from the weak office Wi-Fi again?

Have you ever felt like someone must be playing a trick on you when the internet router looks absolutely fine every time you turn around to re-set it?

With all the talk of ghosts and ghouls this time of year, have you considered that your devices might be connected to a different...medium? 

Okay, Okay, we're joking. Even though the SysGroup team is split 50/50 on the existence of ghosts, it feels like they're playing tricks on us when the internet is always playing up at home, in cafes and when working remotely.

Poor internet connectivity can be an unpredictable and very frustrating part of the modern working life.


Why is connectivity so important?

Connectivity refers to the capacity for the inter-connection of your platform, systems and applications to other devices and networks. Connectivity has improved dramatically in recent years, which has allowed businesses of all sizes to embrace cloud computing and move their workloads to cloud platforms. 

But, before starting a journey to the cloud, businesses must understand that cloud computing and connectivity challenges often go hand-in-hand. It is difficult to ensure adequate connectivity for access to your critical data and systems if data traffic is blocked or slow between you and a third-party data centre.

Sectors like healthcare, finance and retail require consistent access to data and have a very low tolerance for downtime. Additionally, the geographical distance between your offices and the nearest data centres can slow down your traffic even more.

Connectivity is increasingly important to the rise of remote working. If your team members work remotely, do they struggle to connect to your sales portals, email and other apps?

How can a managed hosting provider help?

Geographical distance from data centres is another important factor in connectivity. 

The shorter the distance your data needs to travel, the better! Be sure that your cloud hosting provider has data centres with high-speed connections near your business' key areas. The SysGroup network is made of 6 UK-based data centres connected to multiple transit and peering connections, allowing us to guarantee 100% network uptime and exceptional levels of performance and security for every client.

Choosing a connectivity solution can be difficult, with options including VPNs with WatchGuard firewalls, MIA and P2P leased lines and EFM. 

SysGroup provides support for clients who struggle with slow performance or network disruption. Part of this on-going support includes SysGroup connectivity services and access to unbiased advice from experienced technicians.

While business broadband can be a cost-effective solution, more organisations are finding that a leased line provides them with the security and performance they require.


  • Leased lines offer significant security benefits over shared options like ADSL.
  • Leased line upload and download speeds are guaranteed and subject to SLAs, unlike ADSL (sold with an 'up to speed' promise)
  • Leased lines offer superior support because they are monitored by your provider and any problems can be spotted and fixed as soon as they occur.
Don't let your internet speed slow down your journey to the cloud! Speak to a member of our expert team today.


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