Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting in 2019: 10 Trends to Watch and Key Recommendations

Written by Amy Hitchmough
10 Cloud Hosting Trends 2019

You've heard about cloud hosting and its benefits.

Perhaps you even have part of your infrastructure or data hosted in the cloud.

But where do the latest cloud hosting trends fit into your strategy?

At SysGroup, we know cloud hosting. It's the foundation of our service offerings; it's practically in our DNA! But cloud technologies are always evolving, and we know it can be difficult for our customers to stay on top of the latest developments. Cloud hosting is essential for so many other technology trends.

We've investigated some of the newest trends in cloud hosting and brought you our predictions for which 10 trends will be the most influential in 2019. Inside, you'll find practical tips alongside easy-to-read information on each trend, including:

  • 5 reasons why you should consider the increasingly-popular hybrid cloud approach;
  • the role of boutique cloud hosting providers compared to the established giants;
  • why cloud adoption rates are growing;
  • how to improve the security of your cloud-hosted apps; and
  • should you be using containers?

After reading our eBook, you'll have a firm grasp on these new developments in cloud hosting, as well as a better idea of which ones might complement your own unique IT strategy.


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