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Trend Watch: Cloud Computing in 2018

Written by SysGroup Marketing
2018 Tech Trends

With December already here and the new year just around the corner, it’s time for a round-up of the most popular predictions for the cloud technology trends we may experience in the coming year.

From the continued growth of the cloud to the rise of artificial intelligence, here are 5 trends we’ll see in 2018: 

1. Continued security challenges

In the spirit of hearing bad news first, it’s likely that 2018 will be another year with cyber attacks and new security threats around every corner. Major data breaches in 2017 proved the importance of updating legacy systems and highlighted the contributions that cloud service providers can make to help smaller organisations keep their IT systems secure. With each new ransomware attack or data breach, the myths we believe about cloud security were challenged, and with GDPR regulations coming into play in 2018, the consequences of a cyber attack will be even greater. You can expect to see the continued shift toward stronger cloud hosting solutions, and should be checking that your cloud provider is offering you the latest in security features and has the highest security certifications. The cyber criminals will continue to innovate, and so should the cloud computing industry!

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2. Enhanced 5G and internet quality

2018 may likely bring a race to 5G internet and faster speeds than we’ve ever seen before. The demand for connectivity, availability, and mobility means that more and more businesses and organisations will push for their web apps and cloud services to be faster than ever. The cloud computing industry will need to keep a close eye on any developments and provide competitive solutions to their clients to ensure uptime and strengthen their data centres.



3. Rise of AI

According to this Gartner report, artificial intelligence will become an integral part of almost every app and service in the next few years. AI will become a key part of future work environments and it’s rather exciting to consider what could be accomplished by the process of writing algorithms for machines to complete specific tasks that would make life in our world even faster, easier, and more connected. The cloud computing industry can be a catalyst for the growth of AI by providing collaborative platforms and the latest computing power for enterprises to experiment with adapting AI.


4. Rise of the IoE

The number of devices connected to the internet that rely on the cloud continues to grow, and experts believe that 2018 will bring a focus-shift from the internet of things (IoT) to the internet of everything (IoE). A Cisco study shows that new devices connected to the internet, big data, and cloud computing have been the biggest factors driving this shift. In the IoE, machines will communicate with each other and interact to accomplish even the simplest of tasks, all relying on the internet and the cloud to function. The implications of these advances could be massive for disaster situations and a myriad of ways we can’t even begin to anticipate. The cloud computing industry will be a vital and exciting part of developing this trend!



5. Increased cloud storage capacity and growth of services

As businesses working with big data and powerful analytics move their workloads to the cloud, costs for smaller businesses will almost certainly continue to drop. The increased accessibility of cloud solutions will be a key trend in 2018. According to a 5-year Cisco forecast, by 2020, 92% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres. With only a few years to go, we can expect that cloud services will expand—both in users and services offered. To accommodate for this growth, the cloud computing industry will need to focus investments into larger and more powerful data centres, while promising all their new clients the same high standards of speed and security as in the past.

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All this speculation has our team at SysGroup excited for the future!
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