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Written by Victoria Wilson

Earlier this year, we made some predictions for which IT trends would take centre stage in 2018. It's nearly time to look back on those predictions and see if any of them have been prominent and how they've impacted the tech world.

Nick is one of our 'Technical Architecture Managers', which makes him responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of our cloud technologies, and also the final escalation point for any client's support queries. We sat down with him recently to pick his brains! Connectivity WiFi Secure

We all know security is important - has anything changed?

"Data security is a priority now more than ever. We've noticed that many clients have made the shift to thinking about IT security no matter what type of project they are undertaking. Even simple password security awareness has been incredibly important." 

IT Security is an issue too big to ignore; now and in the future. Especially because of GDPR legislation, which took effect in May, more clients are exploring the benefits of refreshing their firewalls and double checking their email security to equip their team and identify any weaknesses in their network.

Security is often an afterthought for many companies, an 'add-on' if you will.

Nick said, "We use lots of different avenues to build security into every solution we design for our customers. It's important that IT security is an integral part of a solution. Some people might see moving to the cloud as a security risk and will flag numerous concerns and give examples of 'The Cloud' being hacked, but the majority of the cases we see in the press are due to lax passwords and outdated security. 

Companies understand the value of IT security, what would you recommend?

"I agree that it can be hard for some companies to manage their own security, with everything else they have going on - sometimes, security measures are considered as 'working' when in fact there's just not been a threat yet and by the time they find out their measures aren't actually working, it's too late". 

A DRaaS plan is a fail-safe way to ensure business continuity after a cyber-disaster and it's a process that all companies should have in place for peace of mind.

With increasing workloads, how can IT teams cope?

"You can't deny the benefits of having expert technicians monitoring your workloads with continuous testing. It just lets companies focus on their goals without worrying about their IT security." 

Managed IT services take care of your core IT systems, manage user issues and resolve technical problems, creating a tailored IT service that’s right for you. We use system monitoring, which scans your tech systems and network frequently, up to 24/7/365. You can find out more about managed IT services here.


Hybrid Clouds - How Significant Were They In 2018?

We asked Nick whether hybrid clouds and multi-clouds met our predictions... 

"Yes, larger enterprises are doing some really clever things to integrate public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure," he explained. "But I think more SMEs have misconceptions that a hybrid cloud solution is something special or fancy. It's really just about putting your workloads where they're best suited. For example, a smaller business could be using Sage Finance hosting + Office 365 + on-site data storage...and that's a hybrid cloud!" 

Hybrid clouds and multi-clouds have been confusing people all year. A multi-cloud is a cherry picked cloud - services from different providers are mixed and matched to meet specific needs. They're not necessary connected or in synchronisation though and they are tech agnostic. On the other hand, a hybrid cloud is a mix of the on-prem cloud and a third party public cloud - these are connected and there's orchestration between the two.

Our Cloud consultancy services are incredibly helpful to answer questions that your organisation may have about your options, and explain some common misconceptions about cloud hosting in the process.

Thank you so much Nick for your time!


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