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5 Reasons to Choose Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Server in IT network with hyper-converged infrastructure

Your business' digital footprint has likely grown rapidly in recent years.

Data has become a valuable business asset, produced, copied, accessed and stored at lightning speeds and increasing volumes.

This poses a unique problem: where will all those new data servers and hardware live?

Is your business able to quickly provision new servers and scale in or out without worrying about storage and compute resources?

Hyper-converged infrastructure has risen to address these problems with legacy hardware:

In a legacy IT infrastructure, servers, storage networks and server arrays are all separate from each other, taking up space and resources.

Hyper-converged infrastructure combines all of that data centre hardware using intelligent software to create flexible building blocks for the modern IT network.

Here are 5 key benefits of HCI for your business:

1. Reduce your digital footprint 

Adding various servers and storage units to your IT network to support rapid growth could leave you with an unnecessarily large IT footprint. Transition to a hyper-converged solution will bring together the unrelated elements of your infrastructure that power IT applications for an environmentally friendly option that requires less physical space and, in turn, saves you money.

2. Simplify your system management 

As your business grows, your infrastructure grows with it. Any cost savings you gain can be eclipsed by the complexity of managing and supporting disparate and disconnected systems. A hyper-converged solution will centralise your operations management from a single pane of glass for faster and simpler IT.

3. Streamline your operations

Hyper-converged infrastructure allows you to streamline operations through automation, using infrastructure that is fully integrated and self-contained. Time consuming processes and tasks become more automated, allowing the IT department to focus on driving innovation to create and maintain a future proof IT environment.

4. Future-proof your IT strategy 

When moving to a hyper-converged IT solution you can expect improved performance by rapidly provisioning new systems and virtual machines to keep up to speed with today’s digitally-driven customer demands. The bigger your organisation the more important rapid provisioning becomes. Therefore, a a hyper-converged system allows your business to adapt to the future requirements and expectations of your customers, whilst staying within your IT budget.

5. Enhance your IT security 

The centralised nature of hyper-converged infrastructure enhances your data protection through built-in security and data handling policies. This allows you to respond to issues quickly through a consolidated system with data protection, backup and recovery all integrated into the infrastructure.


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