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Why Your Business Needs Remote Support

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Remote working has increased in recent years; over 13% of UK employees work away from their offices regularly. As companies continue to spread their offices and staff across multiple locations, connectivity and speed have become top priorities as they select IT support services and staff. The traditional in-house IT model was successful when businesses were smaller, localised, and able to keep pace with new technology.

As the trends continue towards cloud hosting, cost and security concerns rise daily, here are 6 reasons why your business needs remote managed IT support: 

1. Your managed IT provider can usually help you at any time

Security breaches, lost data, and malfunctioning systems don’t respect business hours. Managed IT providers are increasingly offering 27/4 helpdesk support, which is invaluable. On-site IT staff can rarely provide that level of support, but with managed remote services, you have access to a bigger team who can help you at any time.


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2. Remote IT support is scalable

If your business is spread over multiple offices across the UK or even the world, an on-site IT team is unsustainable. Even sharing a single IT support employee between multiple locations is inefficient for cost and travel time. Remote IT providers can provide the same level of support to any of your locations, and there is no need to worry about travel time between offices or whether the provider is sending you their best IT support staff member, or whoever happened to be available.

3. You’ll benefit from advanced tools & expert staff

Just like issue of security, a remote managed IT provider uses advanced tools like remote access, chat or phone sessions, and remote monitoring & management (RMM) to solve all your IT headaches efficiently. The IT provider does the difficult work of hiring skilled technicians who can also maintain professional partnerships with ease.


4. Your systems will have the latest security features

Trusting your IT support to a remote, expert team means that you’ll reap the rewards of the best security possible. You buy-in via subscription and gain access to top technology, which you might not be able to afford on your own. Because your on-site IT team would face so many competing demands on their time, it is far more efficient to trust security to the remote team who can focus on regular security patches, installing upgrades, and monitoring your systems around the clock.

5. You’ll have lower IT support costs

The savings from remote IT support are unbeatable. The remote service provider absorbs the cost of hiring the most proficient staff and the latest technology, and you can benefit from both for a fixed cost. There are no more call-out service fees or the massive expense of hiring your own complete IT team for single or multiple office sites.

6. Your IT issues will be solved faster

Traditional on-site IT services operate during normal business hours, and require unknown travel times and scheduling appointments. Remote support bypasses all those factors to provide you with expert service and the benefit of dedicated and qualified support staff who can restore your files, patch upgrades, and monitor your systems instantly.

The sole remaining disadvantage of remote IT support is the potential loss of the personal touch. The working relationship between employees and their IT support colleagues is a key feature of office life, and some employees might worry about the loss of personal touch and feel dissatisfied with their level of service after switching to remote support.

Fortunately, SysGroup’s managed IT services are the perfect blend of personality and efficiency. We’ve built a reputation for taking the time to understand your unique business needs and maintaining a partnership to offer you the best support in a cost-effective way.
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