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The Top Business Benefits of Backup

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Cloud Backup Secure File Storage

We don't blame you if you need a little refresher of terms!

What is backup?

Backup-as-a-service is a cloud-based method of securing and storing your files and data by backing them up to the cloud, rather than on-site servers. Monitored and managed by a MSP (managed services provider) like SysGroup, BaaS offers a cost-effective way to leverage the reliability and stability of cloud and eliminate the stress of on-going in-house backup.

According to Cloud Industry Forum research in 2017, 63% of SMBs, larger enterprises and public sector organisations expected to use the cloud for data backup and disaster recovery by 2020.

These are just a few of the business benefits that backup can add to your organisation:


Traditional backups rely on snapshots of data that are at least 24 hrs old. In case of data loss, restored files will be at least 1 day old. In certain sectors, like healthcare, this is unacceptable. Cloud-based backup & disaster recovery offers continuous replication, so data will always be accurate.


Cloud backup easily restores your files and apps. It makes data recovery a simple process with a few clicks, which means that your operations can return to normal as quickly as possible. In a world where downtime can be deadly for businesses, BaaS helps you meet strict RPO and RTO objectives.

Protect your Reputation

Simplified file and data recovery will directly lead to more satisfied end users and customers! If your team members or end users can easily access files and information, then their confidence in your business will grow. Quick intervention through effective backup can lead to a successful recovery with minimal downtime or loss. Time is precious in a data loss situation.

Use our downtime calculator powered by Zerto to calculate the cost of downtime to your business!


BaaS replicates your files to a secure, off-site cloud location where they'll be protected & easily accessible.

Additionally, the data centres where your data lives are built to industry-leading specifications, with a seriously-impressive physical and digital security perimeter. If your backup hard drives are in the same location as your primary storage and servers, then in a crisis situation, they'll probably both be lost or damaged!


Purchasing the hardware necessary to replicate IT infrastructures is expensive & often an unplanned need. Many organisations encounter savings once moved to the cloud for backup & DR. Fortunately, the cloud has frequent monitoring and is scalable, so you only pay for what you use.

You can save substantial time through backup as well. The frustration and effort you used to put into daily manual backups can be eliminated, and the extra time put towards building your team or your business goals.


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