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The Biggest Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Written by SysGroup Marketing

A hybrid cloud strategy has taken centre stage for many businesses, offering a combination of public cloud infrastructure with private, on-premises hardware (e.g. your office server).

The hybrid cloud approach allows your business to build an IT infrastructure and pursue a cloud computing strategy that is data-driven, with all of your data and files stored in the most appropriate environment.

This allows you to optimise for your budget, compute resource usage, compliance requirements, security and more, creating an IT network that is fit-for-purpose, not one-size-fits-all.

So what are the 5 biggest benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy?

1) Hybrid cloud offers great scalability

A hybrid cloud is ideal for workloads that rise and fall during the year. By moving as many non-sensitive functions as possible to the public cloud, you can benefit from public cloud scalability and reduce the demands on your private cloud or in-house infrastructure.

For example, a company working with big data could use a hybrid cloud model to store accumulated business, sales test and other data in a private cloud, and then run analytical queries in a public cloud, which can scale to support more demanding computing tasks. Seasonal traffic spikes or 'cloud bursting', common in the retail and tech sectors, can be effectively managed through a hybrid solution.

2) Hybrid cloud is built for speed

Hybrid clouds offer both speedy access to data as well as the speed and agility required to test or deploy new technologies.

Hybrid environments can leverage edge computing architectures to increase speed and locate crucial services closer to end users. Edge computing allows IoT data to be analysed at the edge of the network before being transmitted to a larger data centre or cloud. It can reduce latency by shrinking the distance that data has to travel. A hybrid cloud strategy allows you to incorporate edge computing as part of a fast and flexible infrastructure.

3) Hybrid cloud is incredibly secure

A hybrid cloud strategy allows you to store your data in its ideal environment, with controls that meet your needs for compliance and data security. A hybrid model offers you private storage for your most valuable data and assets, with instant access. Front-end applications could live in a public cloud environment, where a slightly increased risk is acceptable.

Many businesses are wary of putting mission-critical workloads and data into a public cloud, where they don't own, configure or maintain the infrastructure. Hybrid cloud infrastructures allow for enhanced security because you can place each workload in the appropriate environment where it's most secure.

4) Hybrid cloud puts control in your hands

Rather than entrusting all aspects of IT infrastructure to a third-party public cloud, you can customise the private end of your hybrid cloud to your specific needs and adjust them accordingly as you see fit. With the help of a managed services provider, you can also trust that a dedicated partner has configured all the components of your hybrid infrastructure to meet your exact specifications.

5) Hybrid cloud offers cost-savings

Privately-owned servers are expensive to purchase and maintain. As they age and their performance capacity declines rapidly, they become more and more expensive to maintain. A hybrid cloud strategy reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO), as you benefit from the powerful, state-of-the-art servers used by public cloud providers. Managed hybrid cloud services can also save you money on monitoring and management, which can be handled by the expert team from a managed services provider.

We can help.

SysGroup cloud architects are uniquely qualified to listen to your needs and goals before designing a strategy that helps you embrace the power of cloud computing. We can provide advice on which type of cloud is the best fit, especially for sensitive data where issues of privacy, data sovereignty or sector-specific regulations are in play.


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