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Apply Your BBQ Skills to Cyber Security!

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Getting ready for an amazing summer BBQ is sort of like preparing your cyber-security strategy.

Ok, ok. Just hear us out! As we continue to enjoy summertime (we've still got our fingers crossed that the heatwave is on its way!), we've got barbecues and sunshine on the brain. However, there are some key things to remember about barbecues and cyber-security in order to remain safe and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Go on, close your eyes for just a moment and imagine the mouth-watering smells, the warmth of the sun and some music you love playing in the background.

Now, how do your BBQ skills relate to cyber-security? We'll explain:

First of all, you need a working BBQ!

You might have a rusty old one sitting in your garage, but without a thorough cleaning to brush off the spiderwebs, your meal won't be very tasty! Similarly, you may have loads of IT equipment in your office, or lots of top-of-the-line hardware, but without making those components work for you, you're vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If you have lapsed security updates, sub-par firewalls or poor password management, then your business is a target for cyber crime. Partner with a managed security services provider who can help you to assess your equipment and then make sure your tools are actually working to keep you safe.

Second, you'll need a backup plan.

It's no secret that the window of opportunity for a great BBQ can be small; we are in the UK after all! What if it rains? Or all the food gets burned?! We always make a backup plan when we have a barbecue, so why wouldn't we do the same for our IT network?

That's why a disaster recovery and backup strategy is essential for maintaining excellent cyber-security. Don't get caught out when data loss or downtime occurs, because it often does! Even a single hour of downtime can cost small businesses up to £6,400 and £56,000 for mid-size businesses! A managed services partner can offer you peace of mind through affordable and reliable disaster recovery for your critical infrastructure.

Third, you need the right ingredients.

You wouldn't choose to whack a cake onto a barbecue, so why choose IT security tools that don't fit your business?

Too many organisations have been pressured into purchasing more than they need at prices they can't sustain! Find an IT security partner who can do a full audit of your network to identify any weaknesses, and then recommend the best investments to keep your company protected.

Finally, monitoring is vital!

You know to never leave your grill unattended once the fire is lit, if only because pesky birds are always looking for an opportunity! So why would you leave your IT network unattended? All cyber criminals need is a tiny seam to slip through, and then your sensitive data is at their fingertips.

According to our partner WatchGuard, 42% of mid-market organisations report feeling vulnerable to cyber-attacks. That's why 24/7 threat monitoring by our cyber security specialists is such a wise investment.

If you can master these essential BBQ skills, then you're well on your way to improving and maintaining excellent cyber-security practices!


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