Cyber Security

AuthPoint MFA

Written by SysGroup Marketing

As many businesses continue to migrate to a flexible working model, your company devices, networks and applications have come under increasing pressure. Today's security landscape shows that using stolen credentials is the #1 tactic used by hackers to breach a business' network resources.

In fact, 80% of data breaches involve stolen or weak passwords as the main vulnerability. Multi-factor authentication is the single most important security enhancement to protect your business.

Considering the average user has almost 100 online accounts, password fatigue is a real problem. In fact, it's putting your business at risk. It takes just one weak or cracked password for a cyber-criminal to access your data and accounts. How confident are you that every single employee is following best password practices?

  • Roughly 250,000 passwords are stolen every day
  • Only 1 in 5 users use a unique password across all accounts
  • 3% of people use the password 123456

What does this mean for your business?


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