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6 Essential Features of a Firewall

Written by SysGroup Marketing

UK businesses fall victim to a cyber-attack every 11 seconds as data becomes an ever-greater prize. Ensure that your security provision defends against the threats of the future, not the past, with next generation proxy technology firewall.

Current DPI (deep packet inspection) can be easily overwhelmed by heavy traffic, and inspects only packet-level content. SysGroup  is proud to offer cutting-edge technology to decrypt and reassemble incoming traffic to scan packet data at the application level, keeping your systems more secure than ever.

However, when it comes to finding the right security stack for your business, it can be hard to know what to look for.

We've put together 6 essential features to watch out for when shopping for your newest IT security application.

1. High Performance SSL/TLS Inspection Without Decryption

If you aren’t using HTTPS decryption and content inspection, you’re likely missing 2/3 of the malware entering your organization. HTTPS inspection makes it possible to decrypt HTTPS traffic, examine the content for signs of attack, then encrypt the traffic again with a new certificate for safe delivery.

2. Layered Zero-Day Malware Defences

Zero-day malware accounts for 64% of all malware threats encountered on the typical business network.

A zero-day attack is an attempt to exploit a vulnerability in computer software or equipment, before that vulnerability has been disclosed and a specific preventive measure exists. Zero-day protection, therefore, is the ability to block such a threat, even though the exact mechanisms of the attack are unknown.

3. Phishing and Happy-Clicker Protection

83% of businesses have fallen victim to a phishing attack. Hackers rely on DNS to phish unsuspecting victims, so careful examination of DNS requests is a great way to find and ultimately intercept attacks.

Unwitting attempts to connect to known malicious DNS addresses by your users can be automatically blocked, and the user is seamlessly redirected to a safe landing page.

4. Web-based Portal for Secure Access

The average user spends 36 minutes a month manually entering their log-in credentials, wasting nearly a full workday per year, per employee.

With single sign-on (SSO), employees can log-in one time, with a single set of credentials, and access all of the applications, websites and data they need. SSO improves security by minimizing the password burden on users, and lightens the load on IT teams swamped with password reset requests.

5. Support the Latest VPN Tech

68% of companies expanded their VPN usage as a direct result of COVID-19.Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are used to provide a secure tunnel from remote locations back to a central office. There are several different types of mobile or remote user VPN technology available to use.

6. Native Automation

Automation has been shown to reduce the staff-hours teams spend on security management by as much as 80%.

Unified security platforms are designed with automation from the ground up and can not only keep pace, but extend the security value of your network beyond the traditional perimeter.

How can SysGroup help?

Using cutting-edge technology means that each security engine works faster and applies deeper analysis to stop increasingly sophisticated threats more efficiently.

As such, our firewall appliances are designed for the future of network security, not the past. Security is a core service of ours, and we work closely with our partners at WatchGuard – we were its first WatchGuard Platinum Partner in the UK, UK partner of the year in 2015, and are still one of just two in the country.

Alongside our WatchGuard status we hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation, and provide best in class solutions. Whatever your size, scale or budget, trust our expertise to really understand your business and make the best recommendation to fit your needs and budget.

Speak to one of our security experts today to find out how SysGroup can improve your security stack.


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