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5 Ways That Cloud Computing Improves Healthcare

Written by SysGroup Marketing
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Healthcare organisations control some of the most sensitive data of any industry, second only to HMRC or banks! And in healthcare, it's not only personal data or revenue that's at risk. In extreme cases, limited access or lost data could endanger patients' lives. This makes high-availability, robust and secure IT systems a requirement.

At SysGroup, we've seen how cloud computing technologies are the perfect match for some of healthcare's biggest challenges, so we've written an ebook to help hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organisations understand the benefits of cloud computing. 

This ebook explores 4 major challenges for healthcare, including:

  • 24/7 Access to Records
  • Business Continuity
  • Compliance and Patient Privacy
  • Medical Devices and IOT Security

Here are 5 ways that cloud computing improves healthcare, sampled from our newest ebook:

1) It reduces IT budgets 

Hospitals are no stranger to budget cuts and cost-saving initiatives. Especially for smaller private hospitals or clinics, cloud hosting helps you to save on costly hardware investments through pay-per-use models. Data retention policies require that patient information be stored for long periods of time, so a secure, secondary location in the cloud is preferred over establishing an expensive private data centre.

2) It secures IOT devices 

From heart monitors to glucometers, medical devices to measure fluids and track patient vitals are a staple in the modern hospital. However, these devices represent thousands of connections to your IT network, and thousands of possible entry points for cyber criminals. Cloud computing powers endpoint security, so you can see every connected device and isolate any that are potentially compromised.

3) It offers virtualisation

Whether your network has 100 or 10,000 users, desktop virtualisation allows doctors, specialists and nurses to access patient data easily, no matter which desktop, tablet or other device they are using. Your IT team retains control to apply security upgrades and monitor the entire network, while users enjoy consistency and ease-of-use.

4) It is incredibly secure

Because personal health information is so sensitive and valuable, healthcare organisations have been targets for major cyber attacks. Thankfully, cloud hosting (whether public, private or hybrid) has a massive advantage over legacy IT infrastructures where security is concerned. Managed cloud services allow our expert team to guide you through different options, where 'privacy by design' is our mantra.

5) It offers reliable disaster recovery

Natural disasters, power cuts or accidental deletion of files...none of these are acceptable for a healthcare organisation! Cloud-based DRaaS uses the cloud as a secure secondary location where you can replicate not only your data, but an actual mirror image of your disk drives, servers...your entire infrastructure! With continuous replication, the DR environment will always have the most updated version of your systems, and you'll save on the cost of on-site hardware backups.

This is just a sample of the other benefits outlined in our ebook.

Are you a healthcare CIO or IT professional? Download our ebook today, or contact our team to hear more about our cloud computing solutions.


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