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5 Things Every Newly-Appointed CTO Should Do

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Chessboard Strategic IT Consultancy

So you've stepped into a new role as CTO of your company.

Your job requires you to sift through new technologies and decide which ones best suit your goals and budget. This requires keen insight into your industry, which means you can't be an expert in everything. 

Sometimes the ground feels like it's shifting under your feet as new opportunities and tools present themselves daily. 

We understand your struggle! We work with clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, not-for-profit and more. Our approach is to spend time with you and your team to learn how you work and where you want to be in 5 years and beyond.

As a new CTO, here are 5 steps you can take in the right direction, and how SysGroup can help:

1) Improve your 'tech flexibility'

With new technologies are emerging daily, the last thing you want is to be locked-in to a single platform, vendor or method, or be a late adopter of proven new trends.

Managed cloud hosting or ongoing IT consultancy can help you remain flexible as you define your IT strategy. Ultimately, cloud computing is only truly flexible if you have control of your data and workloads.

We're tech agnostic, which means we take a bespoke, customer-focused approach with every client to find solutions which can grow or change with their business. You'll always understand where your data resides and add or subtract storage space with ease.

2) Give your team more time to focus on their goals

Depending on your industry, your team may not be experts in cyber-security, load balancing, secure Wi-Fi, hybrid cloud environments or 2FA. That's where managed IT services shine. Our team of well-qualified technicians become like an extension of your own team, and they can take on the daily burden of network monitoring and updates. We offer a depth of expertise that you can include in your strategic decision-making process. This gives you more time to evaluate and research emerging technologies that are specific to your sector.

3) Update your cyber-security measures

This is the perfect time to take an honest snapshot of your current cyber-security protocols and habits. Does your team follow best-practices like changing passwords frequently and evaluating email attachments?

  • Where are you doing well as an organisation?
  • Where is there room for improvement?

Take the time to educate yourself and your team on the biggest cyber-security threats and trends. Next, contact an IT security partner who can add crucial layers of security to your infrastructure in strategic places. Prioritise industry-leading credentials.

4) Assess your overall IT infrastructure

Use this transitional period to understand every piece of your organisation's IT infrastructure. Are legacy components and outdated hardware slowing down your productivity? Are funds available to strategically replace and modernise any areas?

This is why we developed the TechWorkshop.

At the end of the consultation, you receive thorough documentation which:

  • Helps you to grasp the scope of any project you're planning
  • Helps you to see how your previous investments or infrastructure can complement future work
  • Helps you make a clear business case to other stakeholders and show due diligence during a project proposal phase
5) Create a cost-effective tech ecosystem

As a CTO, you can dream big about projects and investments, but you're still beholden to the budget. Thankfully, cloud computing is incredibly cost-effective, especially if you choose to host your infrastructure in the SysGroup cloud, or popular & powerful public clouds like AWS or Azure. Our cloud hosting services are completely customisable, which means


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