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Can You Answer These 5 Questions About Your DR Plan?

Written by SysGroup Marketing

As your business grows, protecting your valuable assets like data and IT infrastructure should be a top priority. Carrying on without a considered DR plan will spell trouble and massive losses when disaster inevitably strikes.


Ask yourself these 5 important questions:

  1. What are the most likely causes of disaster for your business?

The 2016 State of Disaster Recovery report in the UK found that 95% of businesses surveyed had faced an outage in the previous year. 53% of those were disasters due to human error, while 32% had experienced some downtime due to a cyber-attack. Combined with natural disasters like flooding or fire, these are significant risks facing all businesses.

If you haven’t identified the biggest risks for your industry and your unique company, you may be vulnerable to data loss and costly downtime. For example, is your software behind on security updates, leaving you open to cyber-attack and ransomware? Make sure your DR provider knows your unique needs and has made a custom solution to help you survive disaster.



  1. What is your target RTO & RPO?

Knowing how resilient you are to data loss (RPO) and how long you can continue without key applications (RTO) is a key to your DR plan. A DRaaS provider will work with you to improve your response time to disaster so you can return to normal operations ASAP. Be sure that you can analyse your RTO & RPO goals with your c-level executives, and explain how your DR plan makes it possible to meet those objectives.


  1. When was the last time you tested your DR plan?

58% of the businesses in the survey experienced problems with their DR plan when they went into failover in the past year. If your DR plan has not been tested recently, you are in danger of experiencing those frustrating & costly issues. If you have tested your plan, what were the results? A good DRaaS provider will help you to test and re-test your resilience and ability to recover from data loss or a security breach. Prioritise those tests and adjust according to your results.


  1. Does your DR plan meet compliance requirements?

It’s important to have confidence that you can maintain PCI-DSS compliance or industry-specific regulations if your applications or websites go into failover or disaster mode. Make sure that your backups and your DR plan have the security features needed to keep client data safe at all times, and comply with any legal requirements, like those for the healthcare or financial sector.


  1. Is testing your DR strategy disruptive to your normal operations?

If you want to save time and energy on testing and improving your plan, we can provide support through a custom DRaaS solution. Let our expert team do the testing for you in the cloud, so your normal operations aren’t put on hold, and those crucial tests can happen more frequently. 

At SysGroup, we offer flexible DRaaS as a comprehensive solution for DR plus added security and expert, personalised support.
If you couldn’t confidently answer these important questions about your DR plan, contact a member of our team to learn about how we can help you with a custom solution -

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