10 Statistics About Cyber Crime In Education

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Who'd want to attack students?! The up and coming generation full of potential and unlimited opportunities. Why would anyone want to stunt their learning?

To be honest, it's probably down to money. I'm not a cyber criminal so I couldn't tell you their deepest desires or why anyone would want to hack a school or a university. I know if my dissertation had gone AWOL halfway through the year then I'd have been blaming the university for their lack of protection. I've pulled together some stats about how much places of education are targeted by cyber criminals. You'll probably be surprised. You'll also probably be surprised at how under-prepared many of them are. Scary stuff. So let's begin...

  1. 20% of educational institutions have been targeted by cyber criminals..
  2. 83% of UK schools had experienced at least one cyber security incident even though 98% of schools used antivirus software and 99% had some sort of firewall protection.
  3. Of those suffering a cyber attack, 71% of users downloaded the malware.
  4. 82% of schools state data loss as the biggest concern with cyber crime, followed by remediation costs (47%) and reputational damage (37%).
  5. In March 2018, over 300 universities worldwide suffered from a giant cyber attack organised by nine Iranian hackers. According to the official information, 31 terabytes of “valuable intellectual property and data” was exposed.
  6. Only 44% of schools included core IT services in their risk register.
  7. 43% of universities have had exam results infiltrated
  8. 25% of universities admit to having highly confidential "critical intellectual property" data infiltrated, including national defence, social, economic & medical research.
  9. 64% of IT professionals don't believe their current security measure would be sufficient to deal with attacks
  10. 97% of schools said that losing access to network-connected IT services would cause considerable disruption.



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