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Back To Your New Future

As businesses have embraced technology, the amount of data generated has grown exponentially.  From email communications and videos to critical data held in database systems – data continues to grow every day. Understanding how secure your data is and how focused your workforce is on data security is therefore paramount. Data plays a critical role in how we engage with clients, develop business decisions, and create new services and products.

The era of hybrid office and home-based workforces will continue through 2021 and beyond. As you look forward to your new future, there are key considerations to be made to ensure the safety and success of your distributed organisation.  

The Landscape

The way in which organisations quickly adapted to new working conditions last year left security systems vulnerable to criminal infiltration. The increased use of remote access and collaboration tools used by employees has increased this risk. Over half of IT decision makers believe that remote workers will expose their firm to the risk of a data breach.

Businesses in the UK have seen cybercrime increase by a third over the past year whilst employees have been distributed and working from home. Crimes include; staff receiving phishing emails from cyber criminals pretending to be the service desk to reset their passwords, workers tricked into downloading viruses from hackers demanding ransoms or even text messages impersonating the CEO asking for money transfers. 

Hybrid Workforces here to stay

A recent survey from Microsoft reveals half of workers reported an increase in their levels of happiness working from home yet over a third of those surveyed said mental health and resilience resources were the most popular options when it came to choosing training to build remote working skills. To combat this, Microsoft report that most organisations will adopt a hybrid working model, with the workforce split between working remotely and working in the office. This will create the needed balance and flexibility for workforces that are feeling the pressures of working from home and lack of social interaction.

As we plan to return to the office, to stay compliant and keep your operations running smoothly, you need to ensure your IT environment is properly equipped to manage risk and face the challenge of a distributed, hybrid workforce. 

Security Workshop

Where to start your journey

Gain coverage and identify cracks across your IT estate and help prevent the most sophisticated of cyber-attacks with centralised visibility.

Striking a balance between security and productivity in today’s continuously evolving threat landscape is a challenge – particularly when businesses are moving sensitive data and mission critical apps to the cloud.

A Security Workshop is your business’ first step to identifying potential vulnerabilities in your environment and protecting data from breaches and cloud security threats. It allows you to gain a better understanding of your security position and insight into the recommended controls and course of action for your company based on need and cost. 

An End-to-end Security analysis

What is included?

Through analysing your IT estate in our Security Workshop, we detect issues within your environment that leaves your business vulnerable to attacks and recommend actions to help mitigate your overall security risk. 

Our team of experts use intelligent insights and guidance to strengthen your organisations security position. Once we have identified areas to improve, we conduct a workshop with you to create a plan of proactive steps to address weaknesses. You then have the option to further solidify your security posture by going that one step extra with a Cyber Essentials accreditation.

SysGroup work with your team to improve your security posture by providing solutions for issues to help your organisation become resilient against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. 

Security Workshop

How does it work?

Plan and prepare

We’ll put together a highly skilled team to review all of your relevant IT and business-related documentation, prior to an onsite workshop.

Current state assessment (CSA)

A detailed look at your current IT security / business environment and how it pieces together, making sure that any gaps are understood by both parties. We look at your organisation, staff and how they work, including everything from firewalls, physical servers, backup and disaster recovery to email management and security, operating systems, leaked credentials and policies.

Detailed requirements definition (DRD)

A detailed examination of what you want to achieve, from both business and technical perspectives. These requirements are challenged, prioritised and time lined.

Solution scenarios and recommendations (SSR)

We use the results of the CSA and DRD to develop a bespoke solution, service scenario and give you a range of recommendations, with clear costs.

Security Workshop


  • Identify and strengthen weaknesses in your IT environment
  • Reduce long term costs and reputational damage by mitigating potential data breaches and security incidents
  • Better understanding of your business and areas that need to be improved
  • Ensure your systems are compliant and current security policies, controls and technologies work
  • Peace of mind that critical data is protected
  • Avoid disruption by identifying threats and vulnerabilities that could cause downtime 

Where to next?

Look to your new future with confidence and take the proactive steps to ensure your IT estate is safe and compliant with a Security Workshop.

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