Password Policy

At SysGroup, we take our customers’ security very seriously and this is reflected in our password reset process.

Password Reset Process

The SysGroup Support Team can no longer accept password reset requests over the phone from unidentified callers unless your company has chosen to opt out.

On calling the Service Desk we kindly ask that you provide your 4 digit PIN to confirm your identity.

If you have not already received your PIN, please send an email to and this will be communicated via a one-time link.

In the case that a PIN is forgotten, a manager should email the Service Desk requesting a new password and to re-send the PIN.

In the scenario where a password is delivered via email, we will ensure this is sent encrypted via a one-time link that will be valid for 24 hours only. On clicking the link, you can view the password, and once viewed, the secret password disappears and revisiting the link will no longer work.

Opt Out

If your company does not wish for staff to provide a PIN during a password reset request, then you may opt out. By opting out you are confirming that you understand the risks of resetting the password over the phone. Without identification, we are unable to guarantee who we are speaking with and this creates potential security risks such as sensitive personal and company data being leaked or used for illegal activity.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Support Team on