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Unleash the power of your business with Microsoft 365

Over the last two years, businesses of all industries and sizes have had to adapt to new ways of working, including challenging operating environments and ever-changing customer expectations. Amongst all of this change, implementing secure and reliable collaboration tools that drive productivity is crucial.

It’s tools like these that enable communication, flexibility and innovation that keep businesses like yours thriving in the new era of work. The mid-market is no exception, and as such, requires tools tailored to its unique needs and challenges.

Complete Security Solution

Cyber-attacks have been increasing across businesses of all sizes in recent years, with an increasing volume and sophistication of attacks aimed at the mid-market. This year’s Thales Data Threat Report found a 48% increase in ransomware attacks, with the majority of those affected not having the adequate resource or specialised cyber security knowledge to prevent, manage or respond to an attack.

At SysGroup, we believe in security for all, and we’re bringing new enterprise-grade Microsoft Defender technology to businesses like yours.

Microsoft Defender for business will add cross-platform endpoint protection and sophisticated ransomware defences with technologies such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) to the comprehensive security and productivity stack that already exists within Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Implementing a complete security solution can be tedious and time-consuming, that’s why we turn the necessity of resilient technology into a competitive advantage for your business. By understanding your unique threat landscape, our proactive cyber security capabilities help you safeguard your most important assets, with guaranteed up-time, super-fast connectivity and security built in, ensuring your always working at optimal capacity.

Call, Chat and Connect

A third of mid-market employees now expect to switch permanently to remote work in light of rising flexible working environments. This has meant that collaborative solutions must now be designed with this reality in mind.

In addition to robust security, one of the biggest challenges moving from physical to digital is keeping employees connected in an efficient manner. Delivering a virtual workplace starts with a cloud-based enterprise solution that connects the dots between different business functions and departments to deliver a unified experience both internally and externally.

Microsoft 365 combines powerful communication tools that keeps your teams connected and aligned to a common purpose. With apps such as Outlook and Teams, you can close information gaps and bottlenecks with a central-hub for all task-related collaboration. On average, using such tools can save you four hours per week with improved information saving (Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Teams).

Every minute counts in the modern workplace, and many organisations are still identifying unnecessary meetings as a significant drain on resources. Microsoft 365 offers a suite of tools to optimise remote collaboration by integrating chat, video conferencing, file sharing and third-party apps in a single-pane of glass to allow business teams to work together effectively, from anywhere at any time.

The most successful businesses find innovative ways to work smarter, not harder. With the right infrastructure, applications and expertise, you can streamline processes, automate tasks and enable seamless workforce collaboration.

Working with a Microsoft partner such as SysGroup, you can benefit from our managed Microsoft 365 services that help you reduce overheads and maximise your software investment, all under a predictable monthly costs.

Scalable Services

Elasticity, scalability and cost-savings are some of the major advantages that Microsoft Azure has to offer. As one of the world’s largest public cloud providers, it’s difficult to find a computing challenge that Azure does not cover.

The powerful combination of PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service) enables the build, deployment and management of a cloud platform that has capacity to scale for unparalleled productivity.

With a deep understanding of Microsoft Azure and Gold Datacentre Competency and Silver Competency for Devices and Deployment, SysGroup’s certified technicians handle all aspects of your Azure environment, providing support whenever and wherever it’s needed. We’ll help maximise your investment with a highly customised solution that connects your existing cloud environments and takes advantage of more than 100 services and end-to-end tools, all scaling to your needs.

24/7/365 support, transparent costs and operational excellence are a few of the benefits you’ll experience with our managed Azure service, allowing you to focus on core business goals with confidence.

Ultimately, hybrid work, the IoT (internet of things) and increasingly disturbed network environments have ushered in new norms not only in corporate digital ecosystems, but also on the cyber-attack landscape. The implications for security are significant amongst business decision makers, cyber security leaders and thought leaders alike.