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Our World-Class Network: Next Generation Data Centre

Did you know…SysGroup offers our clients cloud hosting options across network of 6 UK data centres!

One of those is Next Generation Data (NGD), located in Newport, Wales.

A core part of our work as a cloud hosting and managed services provider is to offer consultancy and strategic advice on where to host your infrastructure. 

Businesses are focusing on parallel streams of selecting workload location and building data-led architectures, which makes sourcing decisions much more complex than before. We help our customers to identify and realise the ideal mix for their requirements, taking strategy, compliance, environment and budget into account. Importantly, we can provide the resources, infrastructure and technical expertise to put your plans into action swiftly and securely.

Determining the best data centre location for your infrastructure is vital, and NGD is one of the options available to our customers. 

We are proud to offer cloud hosting space in NGD, which is the largest enterprise data centre in Europe!

Their space covers nearly one million square feet, providing substantial room for the SysGroup footprint to grow according to customer needs. NGD has its own dedicated power substation, and its power comes from renewable sources.Their capacity is enough to power a city, offering a reliable and highly-available service for their clients.

Here’s a snapshot of NGD’s data centre features:

No matter your sector and requirements, NGD is incredibly compliant too, with options for bespoke security features according to customer requirements.

Their security credentials include:

Building an IT network to rival these data centres would be impossible for most SMEs. This is perhaps the most significant benefit of cloud computing: the ability to host your IT environment in data centres like these for a fraction of the cost, with no maintenance required from you. Especially as a small or medium-sized business, hosting in a data centre like NGD offers you unparalleled processing power and cyber security within reach.