CMO Group - Case Study

Founded in 2008 as Construction Materials Online, CMO is the UK’s largest online-only retailer of building materials.
CMO will become the destination of choice for anyone building or improving homes in the UK, providing the widest range, backed by specialist expertise, and helpful customer solutions.


Challenge – CMO Group Required 24/7 AWS Infrastructure Support

CMO Group host and manage several e-commerce websites. They were previously on a privately hosted cloud solution with SysGroup and moved their infrastructure to AWS. They required an AWS partner who could efficiently control and monitor their AWS infrastructure, fixing issues in a timely manner to keep their e commerce site operational 24/7 365 days a year.

The development team at CMO were supporting the website, having to solve issues outside of working hours, impacting the amount of time the team had to work on their e commerce website. They required an alerting framework to be set up that allowed a third party to receive alerts when their business-critical infrastructure failed to fix the problems in a timely manner – minimizing impact to customers and business revenue.

Additionally, a security review was done on the account prior to onboarding to managed services to ensure best in class security standards for their AWS infrastructure and accounts.

Solution – SysGroup’s Managed Service Gave CMO Group peace of mind

• 24/7 Monitoring and Management
• Proactive Monitoring and Remediation
• Security Best Practices Review

SysGroup leveraged its expertise in AWS to deliver a comprehensive managed service for CMOGroup. The managed service involved an onboarding, ensuring that the customer adheres to best practice along side a managed service. The managed service provides an ongoing managed service for their AWS infrastructure, using Datadog for monitoring and alerting to improve the developer experience and increase the supportability of the environment.

Results – Increasing developer productivity, maintaining website uptime

• Fully managed 24/7 Monitoring Solution
• Improved issue resolution times
• Peace of mind – allowing CMO to focus on delivering new features and improving customer experience

SysGroup’s managed services takes the burden of infrastructure monitoring and management away from CMO Group. This frees up the team to focus on building a fantastic customer experience for their customers – developing and deploying new features to help fulfil orders of building supplies across the UK.
By partnering with SysGroup and using AWS, CMO Group has realized the following benefits:

• Enhanced Security: SysGroup’s onboarding process ensures that a customer account is secure and in line with
AWS well architected practices. This is proactively reviewed on an ongoing basis
• Reduced costs and increased efficiency: By utilizing AWS managed services, CMO Group benefits by not having to
manage infrastructure in house, freeing up activities of the development team to improve the customer
experience on the website.
• Peace of mind: SysGroup’s expertise and 24/7 support ensures customers can always purchase from CMO Group