Catapult - Case Study

Founded in 2012, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult is an independent innovation center operating in the UK’s cell and gene therapy sector.
With state-of-the-art facilities across the UK, CGT Catapult supports the industry’s growth by offering services in clinical development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs.

Challenge – CGTC required support in their data initiatives

Operating in the highly regulated (GxP) pharmaceutical field of cell and gene therapies, CGTC requires a high degree of data integrity, governance and controlled data sharing capabilities. A diverse mix of business systems operate within the organization from clinical laboratory systems to warehouse management. These systems operate on top of a wide and highly interconnected set of business and clinical processed. Data flows through this network of systems and processes. A holistic understanding of this topography is required to improve business function and enable Industry 4.0 and AI use cases.

CGTC are looking to simplify, consolidate and improve their business technologies. The concepts of master data management, data integrity and process efficiency are at the heart of this effort.
The interdependence of systems, processes and data create a complex problem space in which business requirements and nuance must be clear and understood before meaningful design and transformation can take place. A wide collection of stakeholders are needed to establish this.
Success hinged on the effective collaboration, communication, and buy-in from all levels of the organization. A comprehensive analysis of the existing landscape, identifying areas of redundancy, inefficiency, and misalignment with between teams and processes is what CGTC needed. The analysis informs the development of a roadmap for streamlining and integrating systems, optimizing processes, and enhancing data quality and accessibility.

Solution – SysGroup’s holistic approach

  • Perform cross-departmental data interviews.
  • Understand the business domain and role of data.
  • Seek to increase operational efficiency through data strategy

SysGroup leveraged its expertise in ground-up software/system development and technical communication to engage with the CGTC organization at-large. Perspectives and information from a wide spectrum of stakeholders (operational support staff to heads of departments) was gathered, consolidated and distilled into a set of understandable diagrams and commentary.
Through this the organizational data model was described for the entire CGTC organization with context around how this model fits with systems and processes.
The fundamental knowledge of SysGroup’s engineering team enabled them to simplify and communicate complex problems from a technology-agnostic point of view. This gave CGTC an unbiased, comprehensive and definitive platform to inform their decision making in future business systems and data governance.

Results – Informed decision making

  • Holistic data model
  • Established cross-functional and system dependencies
  • A company-wide appreciation and culture around data and governance

SysGroup’s approach provided CGTC with the necessary information to construct their technology roadmap and invest in further efforts toward their ultimate goals in AI and Industry 4.0. SysGroup’s expertise in AI and data readiness was invaluable in framing the importance of the project within CGTC’s organization and in identifying the areas of the findings which require most attention and importance to achieve CGTC’s vision.

SysGroup’s involvement elevated the importance of overarching data governance principles and importance within the organization, allowing both CGTC’s team and SysGroup to engage at deeper levels with the requirements of the business thereby bringing more confidence and support for CGTC’s data initiatives.