Kaspersky - Cybersecurity for IT Online

Cyber Security

Kaspersky - Cybersecurity for IT Online

Our partner Kaspersky has introduced a first-of-its-kind incident response training for generalist Enterprise IT professionals called 'Cybersecurity for IT Online' (CITO), and this short ebook explains its unique approach and benefits:

  • Interactive: stimulation of real process but without risk for the computer
  • Create skills not only knowledge: learning by doing
  • Intuitive learning process: convenient navigation and hints
  • Covers the main IT security topics and problems that general IT employees face
  • Online: only internet connection/ access to corporate LMS and Chrome browser needed

Enjoy the more than 30x return from investment into security awareness and up to 90% reduction in the total number of cyber security incidents through Kaspersky's industry-leading IT security expertise.


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