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Our Partnership

As a Dell Technologies Gold partner, SysGroup are accredited across Dell Technologies entire technology portfolio to offer a superior level of service, exceptional pricing and support. Above all, we leverage a wealth of expertise to design and implement end-to-end Dell technologies to build your ideal IT infrastructure.

Dell Technologies tools provide the power you need to run in a data-driven world; enabling organisations to modernise, automate and transform their data centre using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies.

Our accredited trained engineers and consultants are able to offer the highest levels of support and advice on Dell Technologies products and services, so you can be assured that you always get the best advice and up to date information on your required products and solutions.

Start Your Infrastructure Audit

Is your IT infrastructure configured for success, speed and security?

Your infrastructure is the framework running under your whole business. Making any changes whether big or small, can result in a large impact to your operations, whether positive or negative. Therefore, it’s essential that any alterations to your IT infrastructure is designed to optimise your business performance and provide competitive advantage. 

Distributed workforces may have forced your business to rapidly adapt and make changes to facilitate remote work. Perhaps you’ve not yet had a chance to take a step back and evaluate whether those changes were the best for your business. Whatever your situation, our experienced infrastructure architects are here to evaluate your IT network and its components to assess your IT security, resilience and computing power.

Infrastructure Audit

Key Benefits

  • Identify and strengthen weaknesses in your IT network
  • Understand and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by recognising functions that can be done at a reduced cost to get the most out of your IT
  • Help you achieve your business goals by making changes required that will empower IT to support you reach business objectives
  • Develop a plan to refresh weak legacy infrastructure that could be causing downtime and affecting the performance of your operations
  • Detect security vulnerabilities and ensure your network is robust and adhering to regulatory compliance 

Introducing Dell EMC PowerStore

Dell EMC PowerStore is a modern storage appliance designed for the data era. This new platform unlocks the power of data, regardless of its structure or location, helping organisations adapt and transform their IT without disrupting current operations.

It’s designed to complement and advance current infrastructure with an adaptable platform that offers a mature, comprehensive ecosystem support. Whether your current environment includes traditional 3-tier solutions (servers, networks, arrays), hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid or public cloud, or a mixture of everything,

PowerStore helps you simplify and modernise without adding another management silo, allowing your IT staff to leverage current skillsets while investing confidently in the future.

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"Enlisting SysGroup as our MSP has been an excellent decision. There are plenty of big players in the market, but SysGroup are the idea size to form a working relationship with. We can quickly jump on a call with one of their technicians whenever necessary, and their wide expertise truly enhances our team's knowledge and skillset."

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